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Anonymous asked: I submitted a secret three years ago to another equestrian secrets page. It was about how my rescue horse was dangerous and wild and how a well respected trainer told me to get rid of her because she would never improve. Three years and a new trainer later I am happy to say I didn't give up on my beautiful mare, and after 10 hunter shows she has never walked away without either reserve or champion in her division. There is always hope!

Anonymous asked: breakdown the real social justice vs the tumblr version of social justice for me



Real Social Justice output:

  • Advocacy of egalitarianism
  • Raising awareness of discrimination of the disabled
  • Raising awareness over mental illnesses and treatment
  • Acceptance of all sexual orientation in the LGBTQ spectrum
  • Acceptance of all races as equal and the halt of racial profiling and discrimination
  • Raising awareness of women’s rights in lesser privileged countries where education is scarce and child marriage is prominent, while progressing the achievements of the ones that are privileged with education and choice.
  • Raising awareness and aiding men’s rights in gaining equal opportunity in divorce and child custody courts, raising awareness of silenced male rape victims, etc.
  • The list can go on.

Tumblr version of social justice’s output:

  • Justice in terms of revenge
  • White guilt should be acceptable
  • Erasure of some peoples’ struggles simply because they’re white (See: Eastern Europeans and the Irish)
  • "Misandry is okay"
  • "No such thing as racism against whites"
  • In some parts, transphobia in the name of feminism
  • Shaming the other opinion for no valid reason

This reads like major concern trolling. “Real Social Justice” vs. “Tumblr Social Justice” is not actually a thing, for one - it’s like “Real Geek Girls” vs. “Fake Geek Girls,” it’s a dichotomy intended to allow people who already have privilege to dictate the terms of engagement - and if it were, the top of its list would NEVER be “egalitarianism.” As nice as it sounds, “egalitarianism” has become an obvious buzzword for “I don’t want to have to acknowledge diversity, I want to treat everyone the same and have that be adequate.”

I’m sorry but I agree with Flosephstalin.

This isn’t an issue of “prove you’re passionate,” like the Geek Girls one is. This is an issue of people taking a good cause and then abusing it to push their own agenda. I have literally seen tumblr social justice warriors tell white people who have mental illness that their illness is not as serious as racism against minorities.

There are also frequent accusations of ableism just about everywhere, even when ableism isn’t an issue.


my life improved like 1000% when i stopped pretending that society had no influence on my behaviors and thought patterns and instead focused on unlearning that shit rather than coming up w/ reasons to defend it

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